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Established by: Bryan Johnson, Jan Johnson

Johnson Estate is one of Marlborough’s few remaining 100% Kiwi family-owned wine companies, owned and operated by Bryan and Jan Johnson since 1990. In 1993 the couple established 180 hectares of estate vineyards on land considered too hard and too unfertile for wine. Pioneering what was then a Marlborough sub-region, the Johnsons’ continued to develop the land with their fruit being grown and sold to other companies. Starting in 2000, once the vineyards were fully producing exceptional fruit, the Johnson Estate label was released to market.

Both the winery and vineyards are certified sustainable by the NZ Winegrowers Sustainable Winegrowing program. The Johnsons’ view themselves as farmers at heart, nurturing soil and vines to cultivate the complexity and quality of their wines. Keeping

focus on sustainability ensures guardianship of their vineyards for generations to come.

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